Feb 142013

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Nacelle exteriors are done. Increased the subdivisions of the warp field grille, added a little bit of detailing where the nacelle and the pylon meet based on some vague shadowy shapes in one reference image (that don’t show up in any other, but looked kind of cool!), added the RCS thrusters to the end of the nacelle, and stubbed in a very rough version of the plasma injector observation room.

Remaining things to model:

  • The actual RCS thrusters exhaust vents that will go into the exhaust ports (because that level of detail is totally necessary)
  • Some quick cleanup on the detailing around the bridge.
  • The upper shuttlebay doors.
  • The lower shuttlebay interior.
  • The upper shuttlebay interior.
  • The conference room interior.

And…that’s it. Then, at long last, it’s on to texturing.

Here are the now totally done nacelles, complete with ridiculous probably-never-to-be-actually-seen interior mechanisms!

Facing forward, showing the Bussard plasma feeds and primary injector assembly.

Facing aft, showing the nacelle operations room. May decide to add some more bits to that back wall, more or less mirroring the front wall and giving a conduit for the plasma stream to follow, but…meh?

Pushed through and finished off the exterior!

  • Went ahead and mirrored/cloned that plasma injector bit and put it on the back wall of the nacelle, with a plasma beam going between them. Right now, it’s just a glowy cylinder. I might poke at making it more plasma-streamy once I get around to doing materials and such, or I might not. Haven’t decided yet.
  • Closed the gaps between the warp grilles with some dark brown fogged glass, to give them a bit more rigidity. You can still see the structure behind it, but it doesn’t look quite as flimsy now.
  • Fixed a few small detail bits on B deck.
  • Created detail objects for the RCS thruster vents.
  • Added and animated the upper shuttle bay doors.

Knocked together a conference room today. Materials are all highly temporary (as with the rest of the model); just there for a bit of visual distinction.

Guess I can’t put off starting on the shuttlebays anymore…

Here, have a shuttlebay!

Took inspiration from all sorts of sources. Primary one was the bay from ST5 (a lot of the detailing on this ship draws inspiration from ST5, come to think of it…), with some bits from TNG (the floor and ceiling-mounted tractor beam emitters) and even ST ’09 with the support ribbing. I grabbed a model of the Type 6 shuttle to figure out how big I wanted the bay to be and ultimately decided on two landing strips rather than three. While the bay could accommodate three, I think two makes more sense in terms of giving the shuttles ample clearance. Since the ship has two very large, roughly equal-sized bays, massive throughput in any one bay isn’t really necessary, like it would be on the Enterprise refit or Galaxy.

I’ll likely copy and tweak this bay for the stardrive bay…and then I’m done modeling!

And on to UVing.

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