Modeling finished!

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Feb 162012

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Straightened the support struts in the upper bay to better match the actual hull geometry. Retained the curved supports for the lower bay, but also made them more lattice-like. The spaces between the supports are intended as shuttle maintenance alcoves and Type 6 shuttles fit handily in them, with room to spare for the incoming/outgoing traffic along the landing strips. Optionally, shuttles can also head into a full-on maintenance facility through one of two “garage doors” at the end of the bay.

Straight supports in the upper bay

Lower bay. Accidentally placed the ceiling-mounted tractor beam emitters in the inner-most light panels. Have corrected this already, but it seems silly to re-render for just that.

And with that and excluding any potential fixes, after over six months, I believe I’m done with the modeling.

Time to start UVs!

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