Texturing the saucer

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Aug 202013

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Well, it ain’t much, but here’s the product of about 15 hours of UV and texture work thus far. The map is just a simple color map with absolutely no detail to it whatsoever yet, nor any specular or normal/bump applied. Just trying to get the layout working. The narrow dark blue band is the end of the map, which is why the hull beyond it (where the phasers and sensor dome are) is just the normal blank off-white color.

Total project time so far is 338 hours now (about 293 of that in Blender).

UVed the flattish, top-most part of the upper saucer tonight in far, far less time than the bottom flat section took. Used a different selection technique this time, which I cooked up at the very tail end of the bottom flat section UVs, and am delighted that it reproduced so well. Once I’d done that, I decided to start doing a little texture work to see how the Aztec pattern might look, along with a bit more detail to the hull panels themselves.

This is still just a single color map, no spec or bump work. I suspect I’ll tone down the panel visibility a bit and I think I need to tweak some of the vertical positioning of the various “rings” in UV space to get a more uniform distribution, but I like how it’s coming together so far. Next, before doing more UV stuff, I might play around with the hull shader a bit to see if I can’t start making the pearlescent effect I have in mind work.

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