Apr 222009

Cody and I are both treating the imminent acquisition of our house as a massive paradigm shift, after which everything becomes possible. I’m not sure if this is realistic, but it’s true all the same. Here are just a handful of things that are “going to happen” once we move.

  • Eat better / cook real meals
  • Get (build) a new desk for myself
  • Give Cody my current desk and reinforce it (which I’ve been meaning to do for many, many months)
  • Resume Vampire
  • Start playing Rock Band again
  • Start dusting
  • Start organizing stuff in file cabinets (bills, mail, etc.)
  • Get back to playing guitar
  • Get back to tabletop gaming

I’m sure I’ve left things off, so I’ll edit this list as I remember them.  Mostly for my own sake.

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