Feb 082014

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This isn’t really a 3D update, but I’ve been plinking away at doing a paintover to plan out where details/surfacing/etc. are going to go. I’ve been heavily referencing the Sovereign class, with a dash of Intrepid thrown in here and there. I don’t intend to fully paint over the whole image; rather, just enough to get a plan in place before I start throwing geometry around. That’s why only one module is painted over, one half of the ship, etc.

The windows are actually geometry that’s been face-snapped onto the saucer and extruded slightly. The windows are all 0.75m across.1 Since the decks are 2.45m from floor to ceiling (Coro is deliberately meant to feel more cramped than most Starfleet ships), I made the windows 1.35m tall, raising 1m off the floor and giving a 10cm clearance between the top arch of the window and the ceiling.

The inner-most windows shown (Deck E) are actually portholes when viewed edge-on; 0.75m circles. It’s only the extreme slope of the deck that makes them look so elongated. If you were standing inside the ship facing out one of those windows from where the “top” starts, you’d have 5 meters between you and the bottom of the window, which is awfully huge for a porthole. The Deck F windows (next row out) are the same vertical height as the Deck G (outermost) windows, yet they stick into a room almost as far as the Deck E portholes do. The Deck G windows, for contrast, only stick in about 1.8m — much more reasonable. So, I may ditch the E and F windows entirely.

The non-module windows have a different arrangement pattern than the modules do. The modules all share the same pattern.

I threw some annotations on the modular components to indicate intended functionality and relationships. The main phaser array interlocks emitters between the modular segments and the module spars, creating a single continuous strip regardless of the ship’s mission configuration.

Here’s where I left the paintover and decided to come back to modeling:

And here’s the current state of the model! The main hull is frozen and optimized here, though the modules, nacelles, and bridge (not pictured) are still unfrozen. I actually frozen the main hull at two detail levels (2 subdivisions and 3 subdivisions), then chopped certain pieces out of the 3-sub mesh and welded it into the 2-sub mesh in order to deal with some segmentation issues. Worked out surprisingly well and isn’t a trick I’ve tried before.

The hull texture on there is just something I slapped together to test for UV distortion2 and probably won’t end up as a final texture in any way.

  1. Some crude measurements of Sovereign windows indicated a width somewhere between 1.9 and 3.8 feet, leaning more toward the former []
  2. Of which some does appear along the center axis, which I’ll need to clean up []

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