More module detailing

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Feb 162014

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Someone asked about the modules having modules. There are actually two levels of modularity at play here. The idea is that you’d have a number of prefab module wedges that sit around ready to be picked up by a starship as-needed. They’re fully self-contained, so basically they could just sit floating in space near a starbase and a ship could swing by, dock with one, and head out on its mission.

Some modules are going to be dramatically different than others, necessitating a completely different interior structure than other modules. But not all of them! Some modules may not need any large structural changes, but only smaller mission-specific components swapped out. Perhaps you want four module types to all contain living quarters. That’s where the sub-modules come in. They’re designed to be pulled out and plugged in by a starbase (or other drydock facility) to create the prefabs the ships ultimately use.

From a modeling POV, it also lets me change the superficial components of each module without too much hassle. 😉

Spent most of a day on this, other than a break to watch the US vs. Russia Olympic hockey game.

There are some mesh errors around the top of the deck 8 windows (the outer-most ones) that I still need to deal with.

Windows and paneling (and “shield grid reinforcements”) on the ventral module surface. That blank flat area between the Deck 10 windows and the sort of square-bracket-shaped paneling will be home to the ventral phasers and banks of escape pods.

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