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Feb 282014

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Fixed the errors mentioned previously and kicked out some higher-res renders that show off the underlying mesh topology. These renders only show two subdivisions, whereas the actual mesh has three. Three results in too dense a set of edges to see anything, though, so I backed it off just for these renders.

Ignore the ugliness on the tail — that entire area is actually flat and will get optimized into a much nicer-loooking N-gon once the subsurf is frozen.

I also rendered out a multi-angle turntable to check the way light falls across the mesh and look for any abnormalities. It looked okay to me, though.

Satisfied, I proceeded with an initial UV unwrap, froze the subsurf, spent some time optimizing the mesh (from some absurd > 600k triangle count down to 387k triangles) and then added the very first panel detailing, which added another 7,000 triangles right back in! That’s alright, though. My Ambassador ended up well over three million.

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