Etching away

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Mar 032014

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Haven’t made a lot of progress of late, on account of being first busy and then sick! I was completely out of commission yesterday; spent the entire day whimpering in bed until it was time for the Bruins game, for which I finally staggered downstairs and promptly re-bundled myself on the couch. At least we won! Thank goodness for my wife and dog, both of whom helped nurse me back to health. I’m not totally better, but I was well-enough to work-from-home today and then spend the evening modeling. I’ve only broken out into a few cold sweats this evening!

Right, anyway, here’s the new bit! Etching some paneling into the weapon module. I spent far too much time on making the geometry ultra-clean here, rebuilding ugly bevels and polishing up polygons that you probably won’t ever get close enough to notice.

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