A Great Day

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Aug 092009

Cody and I spent a great day up at the cabin with Laura & Paul, Paul, and Nana Pat. We cooked lobster.  My last memories of eating fully shelled lobster aren’t the best, and I remembered lobster seeming far more difficult than it was worth.  The shell on this lobster was easy to tear, though, and not all that troublesome.

Then Cody and I came home and watched True Blood.

Every Sunday should be this relaxing.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be Mr. Handyman around the house: taking garbage to the transfer station, working on the wallpaper in the kitchen, and unpacking some of our kitchen supplies, so as to better facilitate Cody’s desire to do more cooking.  Hopefully, this week will see the end of the wallpaper in the house.

Also, there are far too few pictures of Cody and I.  We just don’t take very many, or are rarely in situations where one might have a camera to snap pictures of us.  This is somewhat distressing, given the notion of a wedding slideshow.  If anyone has any pictures of us that aren’t on Facebook, let me know.

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