It’s that time again…

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Sep 272010

If you’ve been here long enough, or are the sort to read a blog’s entire archive when you stumble across it1, you may remember my this entry I posted about Halloween last year. The time is approaching once again, and once again both Cody and I are a bit at a loss for what to do. We have a fallback plan, but neither of us is very gung-ho about it and want something more interesting. I’m toying with the idea of trying to finish my Vader costume from several years ago, this time by first building a vacuforming table and constructing the various armor pieces out of plastic rather than placemats. The downside to this is that it leaves Cody in the lurch about a costume, since she has no interest in a Padmé costume2. The implications behind such a pairing are a little disconcerting, anyway.

I finally got caught up with House this weekend. I had forgotten how much I adore that show. Looking forward to tonight’s episode, especially on the heels of the last one, though I don’t know when I’ll actually watch it. Cody hasn’t caught up yet and I don’t want her to get spoiled about recent events. Olivia Wilde continues to be mind-breakingly gorgeous, but Cody is absolutely right when she points out that it’s particularly true in House. Outside of the context of the show, Olivia Wilde’s sculpted features can get a little too inhuman. Almost certainly a function of makeup.

September has been a very tough month, though not for any particular reason I can point to. Cody’s been feeling it too; the entire month has just felt frantic and busy beyond justification. You’d think that with the wedding behind us, things would have settled down. I think some of the insanity may stem from all the stuff we set aside for the wedding, or perhaps tuned-out while dealing with the wedding, which is now coming back with a vengeance. Even work has been nuts for the both of us, though. Not bad, just crazy busy. I’m hoping things will settle down a bit in October…so that the craziness of Halloween can take focus. Ugh.

Never rains, but it loves to pour.

  1. Guilty of doing that many times myself. []
  2. Can you blame her? []

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  1. I think Padme’s costumes are awesome, but I guess that’s me. Why does she have to be Padme anyway? Zam Wessel is cooler! Or, you know, anyone from the original trilogy.

    Also, easy Vacuum form:
    (Plus their other tutorials are helpful.)

    Good luck and de-stress thyself!

    • It’s less about the costumes and more about the character (and her relationship with the character I’d be dressed as) that creates misgivings. Cody doesn’t like Padmé. 😉 I think this likely extends to most of the other PT characters as well. She didn’t seem to balk at the idea of doing Mara Jade, though, so perhaps that’s something.

      That’s a pretty good tutorial. I’m particularly fond of this one, though, since it integrates a way to heat the plastic right into the unit. It’s a little more complex, but you get the whole thing in a single unit.

      • I think she’d make a kick-ass Mara Jade. And there is so much source material for Mara Jade which means many outfits to choose from (or, alternatively, of which to create hybrids).

        Yes, the tutorials are fairly basic as these girls do not have access to many high-end materials or spaces. Although, from their blog, it seems they’ve gotten more advanced. you should see their Bioshock 2 group:


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