U.S.S. Trafalgar, Ambassador-class Starship


The Ambassador-class starship from Star Trek is near and dear to my heart. I decided to tackle making a high-resolution 3D model of it.

This project is COMPLETE.

This is a meta-post that collates all of the individual blog posts I make on this topic. If you prefer, you can also follow this project’s progress on SciFi-Meshes and Foundation 3D, where I first posted much of this content. The posts are in ascending order, with the first post at the top and the last post containing the most recent updates.

  1. U.S.S. Trafalgar, Ambassador-class Starship (2012-09-11)
  2. Refining and refining (2012-09-11)
  3. Tweaking and futzing (2012-09-12)
  4. Freezing the saucer (2012-09-13)
  5. Saucer shield grids (2012-09-20)
  6. Ventral saucer shield grids and deck layout (2012-09-23)
  7. Grids and windows! (2012-09-27)
  8. Windows and the bridge (2012-10-04)
  9. Rebuilding and optimizing (2012-10-16)
  10. Detailing up the dorsal saucer (2012-10-26)
  11. Detailing up the ventral saucer (2013-01-06)
  12. Rebuilding the stardrive and neck (2013-01-15)
  13. Neck and stardrive windows and shield grids (2013-01-22)
  14. Stardrive detailing (2013-01-31)
  15. Shuttlebay doors, pylons, and nacelles (2013-02-06)
  16. Finished exterior, starting on interiors (2013-02-14)
  17. Modeling finished! (2013-02-16)
  18. Saucer UVs proceeding slowly (2013-08-06)
  19. Texturing the saucer (2013-08-20)
  20. More saucer texture work and shader experimentation (2013-09-01)
  21. Saucer and Bridge texturing (2013-10-05) FINISHED
  22. More saucer texturing, including registry experiments (2013-10-16)
  23. Finished primary saucer texturing (2013-10-28)
  24. Neck and stardrive texturing (2013-12-18)
  25. Cycles and Compositor experiments, nearly finished with exterior textures (2013-12-29)
  26. Interior textures: shuttlebays, conference room (2014-01-04)
  27. Finished Ambassador model renders (2014-01-07)
  28. Experimenting with tone mapping (2014-02-13)
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