Great Big Snow

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Dec 222009

We had our first big snow of the year this past weekend. I kept looking out the windows to see how much accumulated, but it never seemed to be a great deal. Monday morning rolled around and I was hit with the realization that we had close to 20″ of snow. My plan to just plow through it looked less likely all of a sudden1.

I tried anyway, and got the car stuck about 1/3 of the way down our 100′ driveway. Cody trudged off to work on foot2 and I stayed behind to free the car and then attempt to clear the driveway.

Some quick math: 100′ of snow, 8′ wide driveway, at 20″ deep works out to about 12 tons of snow. Suffice it to say, my back and hips3 are not pleased with me today. Took several hours to clear it all with the little, dinky, collapsible shovel I was using.

Next time, I’m going make sure I have a proper shovel or two and lay down rock salt4 in advance, so it keeps the snow from even accumulating. Not sure if that’ll work or not, but I can hope.

  1. Remember, dear readers, I drive a Jetta. []
  2. Thankfully, a passing coworker drove by and picked her up not two minutes later. []
  3. Remember, lift with your legs, not your back. Though by the feel of things, I did most of the lifting with my butt. []
  4. Not actual rock salt; calcium chlorate, which is substantially better for the environment. []