Jan 292009

So, I totally caved last night in my resolve to not consider returning to EVE until I had finished Wec: The Sequel.  I realized how enjoyable chatting about EVE with my friends was and decided that it was time to go back.  Historically, I have gotten bored with EVE because I haven’t been doing things with a group for a cause that yielded measurable results.  As my weight loss post shows, I thrive on measurable results.  If I can see progress being made, it encourages me.  If I can see regress happening, it galvanizes me to action.  If I can’t see it, though, then I get bored and lose investment.  The first time I played EVE, as TX-223, I didn’t really know most of the people in the corp I had joined, so I didn’t feel particularly driven to help them.  The second time, as Kaito, I tried to found and run a corp of friends.  But we were all nascent and getting a corp off the ground is a tough prospect when you don’t have a clear ambition in mind.  Coupled with the fact that Cody wasn’t having any fun playing, this led me to stop again.  

This time, Chris — who was involved in our little mini-corp — found a corp that seems really cool.  I spent some time chatting with them (after re-activating my account) and they seem like good people.  They’re also committed to one another, they have a screening process for new recruits, and in general seem to have good heads about the whole thing.  They own a small chunk of null space and defend it fiercely, which is neat.  Finally, I’ll have a place to learn to PvP and feel like I’m contributing to something!

The major concern from all of this, though, is how it will impact my schedule.  I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now that I’m trying to juggle, and EVE is another large timesink.  I’m going to have to strive to be much more diligent about my use of time, and not sit around idling on things I can deal with later (like reading SDN…).  I’m going to give it my best shot, though.