Great Big Write

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Aug 242011

Slammed through another three thousand words last night. Like so many things, it feels self reinforcing: the more I write, the more I want to. I just need to keep moving and all will be well. I’d love to be have the second draft done by the end of the month, though I doubt that’s realistic. If I maintained 3,000 words per day, that would only place me at around 55-60,000 words by the end of the month, and my current projections predict the complete draft will be nearly double that. In order to hit 100,000 words by the end of the month, I’d need to consistently put out close to 9,000 words per day. Even at my most exuberant, that’s pushing it. 2,000-3,000 feels pretty good, though.

I mentioned it on Twitter, but I haven’t mentioned it here yet. This Friday, Great Big Sea is playing in Lowell! This will mark my third time seeing them live, but the first time that Cody and I will be going with a friend of ours that we’ve indoctrinated into the GBS fold, but who has never seen them live. I am delighted by this and completely confident that she will have an excellent time.

Really, everybody should go see GBS. They are that good.

Sep 172010

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, we do things that provoke a predictable response that we then use to galvanize further action? Yeah, that’s a little vague. Let me clarify: the other day, Scalzi posted this. For the TL;DR crowd, the short version is:

Do you want to write or don’t you? If your answer is “yes, but,” then here’s a small editing tip: what you’re doing is using six letters and two words to say “no.” And that’s fine. Just don’t kid yourself as to what “yes, but” means.

I shared this article with Cody; that’s the “doing something to provoke” part. This morning, Cody asks me, “So, do you want to be a writer, or not?” Enter: “a predictable response” part. I knew, on seeing that article, she would needle me about the fact that I haven’t really exhibited much in the way of writer’s ambition since I finished the zeroth draft of the novel back in November. I’ve poked at the idea of editing it ever since, but haven’t really done much.

Anyway, this exchange dovetailed nicely with a growing urge to try to actually write something here every day, if for no other reason than to practice the work of stringing sentences together. I’ve entertained the idea of actually having a readership for this blog, and enjoy that notion. The trouble is that whole ‘building a readership’ part that has to come first. When the desired end state starts taking more time than my patience allots, I slack off on actually getting to that end state, thereby never attaining it. This has been true in my for-fun modeling (oh, Star Destroyer project, I shall one day finish you!), in the notion of getting more into costuming and crafting-type things, in learning to play guitar, drawing, and writing. It’s a bad habit and needs to die a horrible, painful death.

So, pursuant to that, I’m going to start trying to write something here every day, at least 250 meaningful words in length. Meaningful, mind you, does not get to be in the eye of the beholder!