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Sep 142009

This weekend, thanks to the assistance of our friends Keith and Lisa, Cody and I managed to finish painting the dining room. All that remains now is the kitchen! (Technically, the pantry off the kitchen still needs to be de-wallpapered and the upstairs bathroom still needs to be painted, but those are very secondary compared to the dining room and kitchen.)

Cody and I have created a deadline for ourselves, in that we’re hosting a party on the 26th. This should be no trouble at all to hit, assuming we spackle the kitchen throughout the week and then paint this weekend. In general, we can do two coats in one day. I don’t think the kitchen will need as-extensive priming as the dining room did. The kitchen is going to be almost entirely spackled due to the underlying surface.

So, the light from the end of the tunnel is bright!

On the downside, my seasonal allergies are starting to kick in. Ugh.