Jan 292009

So, I totally caved last night in my resolve to not consider returning to EVE until I had finished Wec: The Sequel.  I realized how enjoyable chatting about EVE with my friends was and decided that it was time to go back.  Historically, I have gotten bored with EVE because I haven’t been doing things with a group for a cause that yielded measurable results.  As my weight loss post shows, I thrive on measurable results.  If I can see progress being made, it encourages me.  If I can see regress happening, it galvanizes me to action.  If I can’t see it, though, then I get bored and lose investment.  The first time I played EVE, as TX-223, I didn’t really know most of the people in the corp I had joined, so I didn’t feel particularly driven to help them.  The second time, as Kaito, I tried to found and run a corp of friends.  But we were all nascent and getting a corp off the ground is a tough prospect when you don’t have a clear ambition in mind.  Coupled with the fact that Cody wasn’t having any fun playing, this led me to stop again.  

This time, Chris — who was involved in our little mini-corp — found a corp that seems really cool.  I spent some time chatting with them (after re-activating my account) and they seem like good people.  They’re also committed to one another, they have a screening process for new recruits, and in general seem to have good heads about the whole thing.  They own a small chunk of null space and defend it fiercely, which is neat.  Finally, I’ll have a place to learn to PvP and feel like I’m contributing to something!

The major concern from all of this, though, is how it will impact my schedule.  I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now that I’m trying to juggle, and EVE is another large timesink.  I’m going to have to strive to be much more diligent about my use of time, and not sit around idling on things I can deal with later (like reading SDN…).  I’m going to give it my best shot, though.


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Jan 092009

It’s been a while, so it seemed high-time to talk about some of the things I’m working on.

Novel: Gold (tentative title)
This past November, I participated in and “won” NaNoWriMo by completing a 50,000 word manuscript.  It’s the story of a young woman that wakes up in a strange, burning office with an unfamiliar voice in her head urging her to jump out of the window…to save her life.  Once I completed it, I sent it to a number of people for a first review.  I haven’t touched it since, taking the advice of Stephen King to let the first draft sit in a drawer for a while before returning to it.  My parents have recently finished reading it and are going to be sending me their feedback this weekend.  I’m still waiting to hear Cody and a few others’ thoughts as well.  Once I have the combined feedback of everyone, I’ll set to work writing the second draft.  My hope is to publish it sometime this summer.

Film: Wec: The Sequel
Wec 2 has been in stasis for a while, superceded by work, more immediate hobbies and diversions (Xbox games, Fallout 3, novel-writing, etc.).  However, I do still plan to finish it.  It’s hard to bring myself to work on it specifically because it’s a film that deals with an entirely different era of my life.  I’m not that guy anymore, and so the movie’s personal relevance to me is greatly diminished.  However, with Ron’s help, I still think the movie itself is salvagable and will actually be interesting.  I recently showed Wec: The Movie to a co-worker of mine in preparation for a new project (see below), and I realized (again) how inane that first movie is.  I want the second one, as silly as it is, to actually be enjoyable for more than the sheer lunacy value.  I think it can be.

Film: Untitled Star Wars Fanfilm
I’ve played with the idea of doing a Star Wars fanfilm many times in the past.  A few weeks ago, an image formed in my head that caused inspiration to strike: an X-wing, floating “hidden” behind an asteroid, and then maneuvering like a real spacefighter (a la BSG).  This prompted the idea of creating a film based on a some X-wing pilots, in the vein of BSG.  It would play with established SW conventions (i.e. X-wings would actually maneuver like space fighters) and make a more “hard” sci-fi version of Star Wars.  

Co-worker and fellow SW fan Steve was intrigued by the idea when I told him about it and with a bit of convincing I’ve gotten him pretty enthused about the project.  We recently asked Ron to help us with the writing, and the last week has had us working through the first draft of the treatment he wrote up for us.  He’s now busily working on the second draft that Steve and I will use to write the first draft of the script.  Once we’ve done that, it’ll go back to Ron for a dialog polish (George, why didn’t you do this?) and we’ll start material pre-production (set building, costumes, etc.).  So far, the film will star Steve, Cody, and myself, along with a cameo by Steve’s wife and children.  

Other Novels
I have several other novel ideas that have been banging around in my head, begging to be written.

  • A mostly-hard science fiction novel dealing with the rammifications of space warfare after the advent of practical defense shields.
  • A science fiction novel dealing with the setting that I’ve had in my head forever, first implemented in any practical form as the UEDF Illustrious Defender e-mail RPG.
  • A sword-and-sorcery fantasy novel wherein a character joins a guild of assassins and uncovers a plot that led to her father’s murder.

There are more, but those three are the most fully-formed.

RPG: Vampire
At some point in the near future, I also plan to resume my Vampire game.  I’m not totally sure when this will happen, though it is likely to take place on Saturday evenings.  The timing is up in the air right now because many of the players are currently in unstable situations (as it pertains to regularly meeting on IRC, that is).

So, that’s about it from my neck of the woods.  Going to be a busy year!